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Signs and Repair of Roof System Problems
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If the top of your walls are leaning out, or the ridge line or the very top or the roof is sinking in the middle, you very likely have issues with your roof system.

When the walls lean out, this can signify that the top of the wall has come loose from the roof.  If the very top or the roof is sinking in the middle, it is extremely likely that the roof rafters have sunk because they are moving out past the walls.

As soon as you notice any of these signs, call Bedrock Foundation Systems. 

Once our outside structural engineer has examined your issues, we will repair the connection between the top of the walls and the roof rafters and ceiling joist.

If your roof is sinking in the middle, we will repair the foundation piers directly under the loadbearing wall supporting the roof.

Once this is done, we will raise the ridgeline back into position, pull the sides of the house back together and reconnect the collar ties.

Foundation Repairs, House Raising, Wall and Floor Cracks, Chimney, Roof and Structural Repairs
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